Time to Cash In on Petty

Let’s face it. The New York Jets have no chance of making the postseason this year. While Ryan Fitzpatrick really helped them last year, it’s time for the Jets to move on to Bryce Petty. If they consider him the quarterback of the future than they need to go ahead and give him an opportunity to show what he can do and develop. Fitzpatrick is back to being a backup and he should be used to help teach Petty. Fitzpatrick won’t be a Jet next year so they should use him now. Maybe the 49ers or the Browns will want Fitzpatrick next year and he will get another chance, but his Jets days are numbered. It’s time to give Petty a chance to ensure that he has some playing time if they potentially think he will be the starter next season. They shouldn’t wait until game 1 of the 2017 season and watch that season also go down the drain.