It’s Time For Goff

After months and months of questioning why Jared Goff is not the starter for the Los Angeles Rams, he will finally get his chance this Sunday.

I am not sure if Goff is actually ready to lead the team, but I do believe that they need to give him a shot. Case Keenum hasn’t been doing anything to help his team win and Goff needs to have some time to grow by playing in actual games if they want him to be the starter next year.

He is going to be in for some rough times, though. First time starting quarterbacks have done a pretty good job this year and he gets his chance way afterwards so higher expectations will be expected from him. Being the number one draft pick they will also cause people to judge him even harder and I don’t know if he can handle this pressure.

Hopefully he will be able to show what he can do, but I worry about the Rams not thinking he was ready until now. He might be a slow learner. There had to be a reason they kept Keenum as the starter. Goff may end up being another number one draft pick bust if the Rams are not careful. If he does become a bust, the Rams will look like idiots for not choosing Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott. Time for Goff to show what he can do and hopefully prove there is a reason he was the number 1 overall draft pick in the 2016 NFL draft.



Quarterbacks of the Future

Am I the only one who loves all the new quarterbacks in the league? Dak Prescott has been outstanding as the Dallas Cowboys starter this year. The Cowboys might actually have a quarterback who they want to replace Tony Romo. He is doing an outstanding job and he could potentially be an elite player in the future. The Cowboys just have to be smart and keep him as the starter.

Carson Wentz also has a lot of potential. He has some mechanical issues that he must correct, but with some time he might be able to really lead the Philadelphia Eagles to success. While he has declined a little in past weeks, we must remember he is still a rookie.

Trevor Siemian is doing okay, but people don’t really talk that he isn’t doing that great this year for the Denver Broncos. Their defense is fantastic which helps keep the target off him, but he needs to show improvement if he wants to be a franchise quarterback.

Brock Osweiler has not been doing a good job for the Houston Texans, but I don’t know if he would have done a good job with the Broncos either. I think people need to give him time to improve. They are so judgemental but the need to give the guy a chance. Him switching to the Texans from the Broncos really put a target for criticism on his back.

Derek Carr has the potential to be one of the MVPs of the future. He could be the person we talk about when Tom Brady and Drew Brees retire. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on and the Oakland Raiders need to make sure they keep him in Oakland. He is better every year.

Marcus Mariota is showing a lot of promise. He just needs to learn to cut down on the mistakes. Turnovers really can cost you the game. At least he is actually leading the Tennessee Titans to some wins.

Jameis Winston was more impressive last year, but he is still new to the league. I haven’t lost faith in him yet.

Blake Bortles I really, really liked a couple years ago, but I’m starting to lose hope in him. It could be that he is on a bad Jacksonville Jaguars team, but I’m just not impressed with him. I think he needs to switch teams. That might give him a chance to make it.

For a Cleveland Browns quarterback, Cody Kessler is doing good. I don’t know if he will be an elite quarterback in the future, but I do think the Browns should give him a chance. They have nothing else to lose.

Jared Goff is keeping the Los Angeles Rams bench nice and warm. Hopefully he will get a chance to at least show what he can do sometime soon.