Something Suspicious in Kansas City

In the last Chiefs game Alex Smith took two blows to the head and Nick Foles replaced him in the game and had a great game.

The next day the Chiefs insisted Smith did not have a concussion.

Later in the week it was announced Smith would not play against Jacksonville and that Foles would start, but no specifics were given as to why Smith was not playing. 

So what gives?

It is one of three things that is happening:

1). Smith Has Concussion Symptoms

For some reason Smith or the Chiefs don’t want to admit this. If this is the case, this is odd. If he is not going to play anyway, just admit it. It’s not the end of the world.

2). Andy Reid is Concerned About Smith’s Health

Reid might be worried Smith is not fully telling the truth about symptoms and rather be safe than sorry. Two head blows in one game is very serious, but if he was really worried, why did he have Smith run that second play where he was hurt again?

3). Andy Reid Favors Nick Foles

Reid drafted Foles. Foles excelled in Philadelphia, but being traded to the Rams hurt him. Reid is good at developing quarterbacks. He may want to use the quarterback he drafted and liked over the guy he inherited when he came to Kansas City. This could be Foles getting a trial run.

Whatever the reason is, Smith probably hopes that Foles does not post a fantastic game against Jacksonville. A concussion cost him the 49ers job so he has been done this road before.

Hopefully Kansas City will look what happened to the 49ers and not make any rash decisions even if Foles has an incredible game. Smith may not be an elite quarterback, but Foles is probably not their answer the future quarterback of the team.