Down on the Browns

I think we’ve reached a point where we wonder if the Cleveland Browns will ever have a quarterback of the future. Or at least a quarterback that can stay healthy a whole season so the constant rotation can stop.

The answer is obviously yes, it will eventually happen, but who knows how long it will be until then.

When the Browns signed Robert Griffin III to be their new starting quarterback, I knew they were in trouble. They passed on Carson Wentz for a guy that has the yips. Once he got injured in Washington, he never played the same again. In one way he seems worried about being injured and another way he acts so careless that he actually gets injured again. If the Browns were smart (which we all have our doubts about), they would not resign him for next season. Not even as a backup. It’ll just be a distraction.

Josh McCown has moments of being a decent quarterback, but he is a backup quarterback who throws too many interceptions. He should be the backup next year.

Cody Kessler might actually be a quarterback of the future, but it is too soon to tell. Also, the Browns are horrible at developing talent so he might be wasted anyway regardless if he has real talent. If they can’t find someone better, they should stick with Kessler as the starter next year to try to develop him.

One thing I know is that they need to focus on keeping their quarterbacks healthy. Once they can keep one healthy, maybe they will find out whether or not they can actually have a lasting quarterback for the Browns.

The Cavaliers won the NBA Championship and the Indians made it to the World Series. Anything can happen in Cleveland if you get the right people.