The Great Debate

Tony Romo vs. Dak Prescott. The great debate of the 2016 NFL season. With Romo being ruled healthy, the time to make the decision is now. In my opinion it needs to be Prescott. He is going to be the quarterback of the future and he has lead the team to wins. If the Cowboys future is really going to be in his hands, don’t take it away from him now. Give him the opportunity to grow. Romo will be a good back up and mentor for him. Changing now could be disastrous if Romo loses. It will then have everyone second quessing everything.

Let Prescott start. Romo can always come in later if Prescott starts to struggle.

This debate should be no more.



Down on the Browns

I think we’ve reached a point where we wonder if the Cleveland Browns will ever have a quarterback of the future. Or at least a quarterback that can stay healthy a whole season so the constant rotation can stop.

The answer is obviously yes, it will eventually happen, but who knows how long it will be until then.

When the Browns signed Robert Griffin III to be their new starting quarterback, I knew they were in trouble. They passed on Carson Wentz for a guy that has the yips. Once he got injured in Washington, he never played the same again. In one way he seems worried about being injured and another way he acts so careless that he actually gets injured again. If the Browns were smart (which we all have our doubts about), they would not resign him for next season. Not even as a backup. It’ll just be a distraction.

Josh McCown has moments of being a decent quarterback, but he is a backup quarterback who throws too many interceptions. He should be the backup next year.

Cody Kessler might actually be a quarterback of the future, but it is too soon to tell. Also, the Browns are horrible at developing talent so he might be wasted anyway regardless if he has real talent. If they can’t find someone better, they should stick with Kessler as the starter next year to try to develop him.

One thing I know is that they need to focus on keeping their quarterbacks healthy. Once they can keep one healthy, maybe they will find out whether or not they can actually have a lasting quarterback for the Browns.

The Cavaliers won the NBA Championship and the Indians made it to the World Series. Anything can happen in Cleveland if you get the right people.


Time to Cash In on Petty

Let’s face it. The New York Jets have no chance of making the postseason this year. While Ryan Fitzpatrick really helped them last year, it’s time for the Jets to move on to Bryce Petty. If they consider him the quarterback of the future than they need to go ahead and give him an opportunity to show what he can do and develop. Fitzpatrick is back to being a backup and he should be used to help teach Petty. Fitzpatrick won’t be a Jet next year so they should use him now. Maybe the 49ers or the Browns will want Fitzpatrick next year and he will get another chance, but his Jets days are numbered. It’s time to give Petty a chance to ensure that he has some playing time if they potentially think he will be the starter next season. They shouldn’t wait until game 1 of the 2017 season and watch that season also go down the drain.


The 49ers QB Disaster

Everyone talks about the Cleveland Browns and their revolving door quarterbacks, but while they haven’t gone through as many quarterbacks this year, the San Francisco 49ers’ QB situation isn’t much better this year.

The 49ers don’t have good quarterbacks on their team that should be starters. They all look like back ups at this point. Let’s take a look at the three on the active roster:

1). Colin “Known for Kneeling” Kaepernick

When Alex Smith went down with a concussion and Kaepernick came in, everyone thought he was the next 49ers savior. A future Hall of Famer.

Well that faith disappeared quickly.

While he can show some upside, he has not been good as of late. In his last two seasons he is 2-9. Not what we expected from someone who lead the 49ers to the post season and close to a Super Bowl win. He might be better if he gets another chance with a different team, but being a 49er isn’t working anymore.

2). Blaine “Even Jacksonville Didn’t Want Me” Gabbert

A first round pick that quickly went bust. It was shocking he started the season for the 49ers after he wasn’t great last year replacing Kaepernick. It really showed how much Chip Kelly did not believe Kaepernick was ready to play. He is medicore at best and didn’t have enough talent to take this 49ers team on his back and help them win.

3). Christian “I’m Only Here Because Thad Lewis Got Injured” Ponder

The discussion to start Ponder really shows how bad the QB situation is in San Francisco. He is only there because the team’s third string quarteback was injured. If the team turns to Ponder, they truly are desperate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kaepernick should finish the season. He has the best chance of leading the team to wins and I would be shocked if any of these three were the starter next year.

The 49ers better draft a quarterback next year or trade for one because they need some serious help.


Something Suspicious in Kansas City

In the last Chiefs game Alex Smith took two blows to the head and Nick Foles replaced him in the game and had a great game.

The next day the Chiefs insisted Smith did not have a concussion.

Later in the week it was announced Smith would not play against Jacksonville and that Foles would start, but no specifics were given as to why Smith was not playing. 

So what gives?

It is one of three things that is happening:

1). Smith Has Concussion Symptoms

For some reason Smith or the Chiefs don’t want to admit this. If this is the case, this is odd. If he is not going to play anyway, just admit it. It’s not the end of the world.

2). Andy Reid is Concerned About Smith’s Health

Reid might be worried Smith is not fully telling the truth about symptoms and rather be safe than sorry. Two head blows in one game is very serious, but if he was really worried, why did he have Smith run that second play where he was hurt again?

3). Andy Reid Favors Nick Foles

Reid drafted Foles. Foles excelled in Philadelphia, but being traded to the Rams hurt him. Reid is good at developing quarterbacks. He may want to use the quarterback he drafted and liked over the guy he inherited when he came to Kansas City. This could be Foles getting a trial run.

Whatever the reason is, Smith probably hopes that Foles does not post a fantastic game against Jacksonville. A concussion cost him the 49ers job so he has been done this road before.

Hopefully Kansas City will look what happened to the 49ers and not make any rash decisions even if Foles has an incredible game. Smith may not be an elite quarterback, but Foles is probably not their answer the future quarterback of the team.


5 Reasons to Not Give Up on the NFL

Yesterday I wrote an article on why the NFL is losing popularity.  I decided to provide 5 reasons why now is a great time to actually be watching the NFL. The reasons are:

1). We Actually Have Quarterbacks of the Future!

Unlike past years, this year we are actually seeing some new quarterback talent that may actually turn into elite quarterback status one day. Derek Carr. Marcus Mariota. Dak Prescott. Carson Wentz. Now there is no guarantee these quarterbacks will end up being elite, but they are at least giving us more hope than recent quarterbacks we have seen. When they play, you can see them growing into something outstanding.  On top of those four I just mentioned, there are still others that might end up great. Jimmy Garoppolo, Jameis Winston, Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Cody Kessler. The last two names might be shocking to see, but they do have potential.  We all need to stop being so judgmental in a quarterback’s first season as a starter.  These players may not have been as explosive this year as some others, but there IS promise.  This is a great time to watch and get to know the future faces of the league.

P.S. Sorry Jared Goff. Maybe next year we get to actually see why you went number one in the draft.

2). Explosive Offensives

There are three types of fans: those who love offenses, those who love defenses, and those who love both.  To please two out of the three, we have some very high scoring offenses this year and that can be fun to watch. Even if the team ends up losing since their defense is below average, fans love shootouts. The New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers know how to make games exciting and that makes fans want to watch.

3). Dominate Defenses

Yes this is the exact opposite of number 2, but I like said earlier, some fans love great defenses and we have that this year, too.  The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have outstanding defenses.  Even with struggling offenses this year, their defenses can make sure they stay in the game.  Their defenses let the age old debate about if offense or defense win championships stay around.  The last few years, defense does win the championship.

4). The Return of the Run Game

The passing game has been so focused on the last few years, but the run game is finally coming back. Now I am a bigger fan of the passing game, but a good run game is needed if you want a balanced offense.  Ezekiel Elliott and Jay Ajayi are some of the new run faces in the game and could be superstars.  As they get more and more popular, more and more teams will try to build their run game.  This will be great for the game.

5). The Dallas Cowboys are Good Again

Let’s be honest.  I don’t like the Cowboys. I don’t like Jerry Jones. I don’t like Tony Romo. HOWEVER, the Cowboys are America’s team and them winning is bringing new life back to the game. People either root for or against the Cowboys so them being relevant again brings back the love/hate relationship again and gets people talking.  This is good for the NFL.

Overall, while the NFL has some problems, people should not abandon ship. There is a lot to be hopeful about and you don’t want to miss out.


5 Reasons the NFL Is Losing It’s Popularity

Many people have discussed recently why the NFL has lost so many viewers this year so I sat down and racked my brain to figure out why does the game seem different this season compared to recent seasons.  Here are the top 5 reasons the NFL is losing it’s popularity:

1). The Officiating

More and more we are hearing about players and coaches unhappy with the officials.  Well, guess what?  Fans notice it, too, and it is sending them away.  No one wants to think their team lost a game because of a bogus call or a non-call.  Sometimes the call is so bad that it is amazing that not one official on the field notices it is wrong or will admit it is wrong.  We also notice that some crews call more penalities to others.  No one wants their chances to win lowered based on the official.  It makes me ask the question: are the officials really that bad at their job or are they are showing favoritism towards teams?  While no one wants to think the game is unfair or even possibly rigged, fans can’t help but have that doubt in the back of their mind after some games.  Until the league figures out how to fix their officiating problem (like actually hiring full time officials), fans are going to continue to get more and more annoyed about how the game is officiated.

2). Player Complaints

So number one was about officiating and I get players are frustrated with this and voice their opinion on this, however, everyday it seems like somebody new is complaining about something new, whether it is the officials, the league not being fun anymore, Roger Goodell, etc.  Now don’t get me wrong.  The majority of players have some very valid points, but all of the negativity is making watching the NFL also not fun for the fans.  Who wants to watch a game with constant complaining?  Fans want to watch football to get away from their day-to-day annoyances, not add another negative thing to their lives.  I am all for free speech, but when fans only hear negative things from the players, people are going to start looking for happier things to watch, such as the Cubs winning the World Series.  The NFL needs to create a better forum for players to express their suggestions and grievances without them having to express it through the media all of the time.

3). Roger Goodell

Like the players, fans cannot stand him.  He seems so arrogant and doesn’t appear to be a very good businessman at all.  Since he became commissioner of the league, the NFL had gotten worse.   There is no question about that.  There is only two ways to fix this problem: completely remove him as commissioner or take away him having so much power.  It is time the NFL became more of a democracy instead of basically having a dictator control the league.  Maybe it is time for Peyton Manning to move on from Nationwide and Papa John’s and add commissioner to his resume.  At least he seems like he would try to do what is actually good for the game and for the players and not just the NFL’s pocketbook.

4). Inconsistent Punishments

Ah, punishments.  How we seem to hear about your all of the time.  You are 100% necessary, but 100% unfair on how you are decided.  I am not here to decide how long a player should be punished for things they do, but I am here to say we need some consistency in the punishments handed out.  The NFL cannot have one person just fined and another person suspended for almost the exact same thing.  They need to make clearer cut disciplines and not be so willy nilly.  Sometimes it feels like punishments are basically based on the popularity of the player and what the NFL can get away with.  They also need to take their time deciding punishments.  While I do not agree with what Josh Brown has done in his past, the NFL gave him a one game suspension because they acted too quickly.  To punish him again is a form of double jeopardy.  It’s the NFL’s fault for acting so quickly.  If they had taken their time, they could have received all of the facts.  The NFL needs to create a new way to hand out punishments and do it quickly otherwise they are going to continue to receive more and more bad press.

5).  Boring Games

And by that I mean predictable games or ‘who cares?’ games.  The Patriots will probably win.  The Browns will probably lose.  We all know this.  Fans love seeing games that may actually be close and exciting.  When only two or three games sound interesting every week, there is a problem with the league.  Besides Jets or Dolphins fans, no one cares about a Jets vs. Dolphins game (except maybe people want to see if Ryan Fitzpatrick will implode).  Fans need to see more competition in games.  It’s sad knowing midway through the season that the Browns will probably have the number one draft pick next year and that the Patriots will probably win the Super Bowl.  This should not be so predicatiable with half of the games remaining.  The strength of schedules are really sad.  Some have ridiculously hard schedules while others can basically coast to the offseason.  Whoever handles scheduling, needs to get their act together and try to put together some tougher games.

These are the top 5 reasons why I personally think the NFL is losing popularity.  There are other contributing factors, but these reasons listed above are really having a huge impact on how fans view the game and will continue having an impact until changes are made.