Prescott Overcomes Romo

Prescott is officially the new starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys over healthy Tony Romo.

This is the best move for the Cowboys since Prescott has brought such a new energy to the team and has been able to lead them to wins. Romo will still be available if needed if for any reason Prescott cannot start.

I do feel bad for Tony Romo since he has led the team for so many years, but this is part of the game. The new guys come in and the teams must move on to help the team. With the team succeeding this year, Jerry Jones would have been stupid to change up a winning team.

The next question will be if the Cowboys move on from Romo next year. He might get another chance to start with a different team, but being injury prone hurts those chances and most teams will not want to take the risk on an aging quarterback who has missed a lot of games the past few seasons.

All I know is that he better not sign with the Cleveland Browns.  He may not make it out of there alive.



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