The 49ers QB Disaster

Everyone talks about the Cleveland Browns and their revolving door quarterbacks, but while they haven’t gone through as many quarterbacks this year, the San Francisco 49ers’ QB situation isn’t much better this year.

The 49ers don’t have good quarterbacks on their team that should be starters. They all look like back ups at this point. Let’s take a look at the three on the active roster:

1). Colin “Known for Kneeling” Kaepernick

When Alex Smith went down with a concussion and Kaepernick came in, everyone thought he was the next 49ers savior. A future Hall of Famer.

Well that faith disappeared quickly.

While he can show some upside, he has not been good as of late. In his last two seasons he is 2-9. Not what we expected from someone who lead the 49ers to the post season and close to a Super Bowl win. He might be better if he gets another chance with a different team, but being a 49er isn’t working anymore.

2). Blaine “Even Jacksonville Didn’t Want Me” Gabbert

A first round pick that quickly went bust. It was shocking he started the season for the 49ers after he wasn’t great last year replacing Kaepernick. It really showed how much Chip Kelly did not believe Kaepernick was ready to play. He is medicore at best and didn’t have enough talent to take this 49ers team on his back and help them win.

3). Christian “I’m Only Here Because Thad Lewis Got Injured” Ponder

The discussion to start Ponder really shows how bad the QB situation is in San Francisco. He is only there because the team’s third string quarteback was injured. If the team turns to Ponder, they truly are desperate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kaepernick should finish the season. He has the best chance of leading the team to wins and I would be shocked if any of these three were the starter next year.

The 49ers better draft a quarterback next year or trade for one because they need some serious help.



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